Beacon Rewards Program

Credit cards or Beacon Rewards Gift Cards?

Scenario 1 :

Jack spends $1000/month on groceries. Jack uses his credit card. His credit card rewards him with points that he can redeem for travel or merchandise!  Not factoring in the annual fee on Jack’s credit card, Jack can earn 1000 points each month, which is roughly equivalent to $10.

Jack is smart and forward thinking! He spends money on groceries anyway, and he gets $10 each month for free!


Scenario 2:

Jill also spends $1000/month on groceries. By buying Beacon Rewards gift cards from the school office, redeemable at local grocery stores, $50 is earned. Of that $50, $30 is given directly to Beacon Christian School and $20 is directly applied to Jill’s tuition account for her two children.

Jill is smarter, more efficient and more generous! Jill spends money on groceries anyway, and she saves $20 each month on tuition and earns $30 for the cause of Christian education at Beacon.


The Beacon Rewards Program is a fundraiser that doesn’t cost you any extra money.  All you have to do is buy gift certificates from Beacon and then use those gift certificates for the purchases you already make – for groceries, gas, clothes and restaurants.  The money we raise comes directly from over 50 participating stores such as Zehrs, Canadian Tire, Old Navy and Tim Horton’s (just to name a few), who are willing to give us a discount on their certificates to encourage us to shop in their stores.

We would like to ask you for your help with purchasing gift certificates to help raise funds for Beacon Christian School and our families or a friend of yours. This is an exciting program that allows participants to raise money for Beacon with very little effort, and we would love to see it grow even larger.

Its time to get back into a regular routine of ordering gift certificates if you’re not already – order forms and payments are due on Fridays and the gift certificates will be ready for pickup, sent home with your child, or someone can deliver them to you, on the following Tuesday.  Certificates are also at the school office from Judy during regular school hours.

For more information email
Below is an order form with a complete listing of all available vouchers.
Fill it out and send to the school by email (,
fax (905.937.1130) or leave at the office by Friday at 4pm.


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