“When choosing a school, one of the most important things we considered was that the school would reflect and be an extension of the way we raised our children. Beacon is not only  a school that makes Christ the center of their way of being in teaching and learning, but also in encouraging our kids to see and put that into practice in their everyday lives. While meeting and even exceeding the standards set for schools, I know my kids are at the same time getting an excellent education. There are opportunities provided at this school to further learn and grow not only in academia but also in the arts in the form of music, theatre and the likes.  Lastly, one of the best parts of Beacon is their community. Community in the care and love of the staff for our children, community as parents working together for the best of the entire school, and the community that school works toward being in the city of St. Catharines.  We are very happy and feel loved in being a part of the Beacon Family!”

~ Parent

“Attending …Beacon helped to ground me in my faith and has raised my commitment to Kingdom causes.  A Christian environment for learning helps to develop the gifts that God gives us”

~  Graduate

“I feel that the way Beacon has focused on challenging me to push the boundaries of comfort level has really helped me to develop my leadership qualities.  Also, I feel that Beacon challenged me to better myself academically.  The teachers never let me settle for average when they knew I could do better”

~ Graduate 

My Experience Teaching at Beacon Christian School

By Jeff Brooks, Grade 4

First and foremost, Beacon Christian School is a place of peace. I felt the peace of Christ the very first time I walked into the school, and I have continued to feel it every day since. The Spirit of God truly reigns in this place. The “feel” of Beacon Christian School can be summed up well by Jesus’ words in John 14:27

“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”  

Secondly, Beacon Christian School is a community that is built on a strong foundation. Psalm 133:1 describes our community well: “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.” Over the course of my time here, I have been amazed by the devotion of our parents, our volunteers, our administration, our staff, and our students. Despite our different gifts, everyone connected to Beacon Christian School seems to have a common desire to move forward in Christ’s love and to bring about His Kingdom.

Lastly, Beacon Christian School is Christ-centered. Our faith component does not end after devotions or chapel, rather, it runs through every aspect of our day. The system of Throughlines has been instrumental in this regard, and it gives students and staff a practical way to live our faith.

I am extremely blessed to be part of the Beacon Christian School community! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of us next year!

Blessings to you all,

Jeff Brooks

2014/2015 Grade 3 Class ~ Teacher, Annette Dykstra

Why I like Beacon – Grade 3

I like Beacon because it is fun in grade 3. You get to do a Canada unit and that’s why grade three is awesome. Ethan

I like Beacon because all the teachers are nice. I love Bible and the story of Moses. Jesus is my Saviour. Brody

I like Beacon because you learn about God and you do really fun art. Abby

I enjoy school because we have good teachers and friends. On Wednesdays I enjoy going to chapel. I also like recess so we can have fresh air and enjoy God’s creation. Kalan

I like Beacon because I can praise God whenever I want. Corey

The best thing about Beacon is that the teachers teach art about God’s creation! Thomas

I enjoy art, gym, and doing recorder with Mr. T, and having the best grade three teacher. Zekijah

I love Beacon because it teaches you everything you need to know to get ready for your life and the students are really nice. We get to go on lots of trips! Kate

The best thing about Beacon we get to pray all the time and we get to talk about God. We get to have nice and epic teachers! Isaiah

I love Beacon because everyone is friendly and helpful. The teachers are fun and nice. Elliot

The best thing about Beacon is that all the teachers are kind and helpful and we do a lot of fun stuff. Nadia

The reason I like Beacon because I can pray. Kaylie

The best thing about Beacon is that we get to go on field trips. It is fun learning at Beacon. I like Beacon because it has fun events. Riley

I like Beacon because everybody is nice to everybody. I like Beacon because I can pray. Ava

I like Beacon because of chapel, devotions, recess and I like the logo. Joseph

I love Beacon because everybody is nice. I like Beacon because I can pray to God anytime I want to. Iye

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