Beacon Rewards Program

The Beacon Rewards Program is a fundraiser that doesn’t cost you any extra money. All you have to do is buy gift cards from Beacon and then use those gift cards for the purchases you already make – for groceries, gas, clothes, restaurants, etc.  The money we raise comes directly from over 50 participating stores such as Zehrs, Canadian Tire, Old Navy and Tim Horton’s (just to name a few), who are willing to give us a discount on their gift cards to encourage us to shop in their stores.

This exciting program allows participants to raise money for Beacon and/or your family’s tuition with very little effort! We would love to see it grow this year.

Order your Summer Rewards by June 7th and support Beacon all summer long! Great gifts for graduation and summer birthdays that will be enjoyed when the store reopen. The first section of Rewards will be ready for pick up on June 22nd in the afternoon. The second section on August 3rd, 2021.

Beacon Rewards Order Form

Did you KNOW???

Recently, $33,848 was raised through Beacon Rewards.
$20,309 went to help lower the cost of tuition for all families and $13,539 was given directly to families who use the program. This was achieved with only 50% of the families participating. Can you imagine how much could be raised if everyone used Beacon Rewards?

This program is for all present or future Beacon or Smithville High families or for those who would just love to support Christian education at Beacon Christian School. Why don’t you invite your friends and family to participate to help reduce your tuition for next year?

For more information email –
Darlene Teeuwsen, Advancement Director – 905.937.7411 ext. 2136 or

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