Educational Standards

We offer a curriculum designed to challenge students while respecting all academic learning abilities. The curriculum consists of language arts, Bible, French, science, social studies, mathematics, physical education, music, fine arts, media literacy, and computer technology. All areas of study are taught from a Biblical perspective, enabling students to see God’s fingerprints on His creation.

Our uniqueness lies in our excellent Christian instruction and curriculum.

Highlights of our program include:

  • An academic program that meets or exceeds Ministry of Education requirements
  • Devotions as part of the routine of the school day
  • Chapels and special assemblies where the student body, in part or in whole, meet to worship
  • Curriculum centred on the idea that Christ is sovereign over all things
  • Extensive student support services which meets the needs of learners
  • Fully-developed arts program, including music, drama, and art
  • Physical education and sports program
  • Participation in extra-curricular activities
  • Local and global service projects
  • Certified teachers who are scholars in their profession
  • A substantial library
  • A wide range of computer technologies available (iPads, SMART Boards, Chromebooks, and fully networked labs and classrooms)

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