Beacon School of Music

Private or Semi-Private Music lessons are available during school hours for String Instruments, Guitar, Piano and Voice Lessons. No previous experience required.

Please fill out the registration form below; we will be in touch to make arrangements for your child(ren).

Music School Instructors:

Mary Beth Doherty – String Instructor (Cello, Violin, Viola)
905-934-2109 |

Nancy Janzen – Piano Instructor
905-646-4178 |

Charlene Flikkema – Voice Coach
289-208-5231 |

Ian Simpson – Guitar Instructor

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Preamble: The purpose of the Beacon Music Studio is to develop a program of private musical instruction that complements Beacon’s existing curricular music program. This program offers parents and students a convenient way to develop the musical gifts of Beacon students by allowing qualified Christian music teachers to offer lessons on campus under an independent contract.

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