Uniforms/Dress Code

Beacon Christian School Student Dress Code

The dress code has been constructed in order to help the school meet its mission. Having school uniforms as the required dress code helps to positively impact learning. Giving the students a sense of belonging, the policy also enhances the image of the school in the community and it does away with inappropriate school attire which results in disciplinary action.

Students are expected to observe all aspects of the dress code for school days and related activities, unless alternate standards have been temporarily approved by administration. While we put some considerations in place, we realize that it is not possible to address all potential concerns. To keep with the highest standard, wearing of non-school outerwear or unacceptable usage of the school wardrobe will not be tolerated.

School Wardrobe Specifications

All clothing with the Beacon Logo must be purchased at Maddalena Uniforms. Their showroom is located at 22 Geneva Street, St. Catharines – (905)708-1111. The approved wardrobe pieces can be viewed by logging on to the supplier’s website at https://www.maddalena-uniforms.com. Purchase information will be part of their communication prior to each school year.

OLD NAVY – Uniform Section ONLY
Flat panel uniform shorts and pants ONLY can be purchased from Old Navy. The approved colour is Khaki (Beige) or Navy. All grey bottoms and navy skorts must be purchased from Maddalena Uniforms.

School Wardrobe Considerations

Students may wear any of the prescribed wardrobe choices on any school day. The following points give further definition to our policy:

  • All school clothing must be worn as designed.
  • Clothing must be clean, non-transparent, size-appropriate, and in good repair.
  • Bottoms must be neatly hemmed.
  • Long navy or white socks must be worn with the girls’ kilt, skort or jumper.
  • Undergarments must not be visible.
  • Undergarments worn under a white shirt or top must also be white.
  • Kilts must be standard length, fit properly, and may not be rolled up.
  • T-shirts or tank tops worn underneath school tops must be either plain white or plain black.
  • Button down shirts and blouses must be appropriately buttoned for modesty.
  • Tops, other than those approved, are not to be worn inside during the school day; they are to be put on the coat hook or in the locker upon arrival and are to remain there while the student is in the building.
  • Footwear is according to student choice but must be worn at all times.
  • Physical education clothing must be worn only during physical education class.
  • Hats, bandanas, head coverings, sunglasses and gloves may not be worn in the school building.
  • Belts, when worn, must be solid black or brown and must be threaded through the belt loops and buckled.

Outings Away from School

Away-from-school outings need to be recognized as part of the learning of the school. As such, uniforms will be required on learning outings. There may be occasional trips for which uniforms are not required – but that will be communicated whenever the situation arises. On such occasions, students will be expected to dress in a fashion that is acceptable.

Special Dress Days

At the discretion of the administration, portions of the dress code may be temporarily suspended for special dress days or certain outings. In these cases, students will be expected to conform to the following Beacon policy regarding dress:

All articles of clothing bearing suggestive or offensive materials reflecting anti-Christian values are not permissible. All tops must cover the shoulders and have sleeves, and must overlap the waistband of the pants, shorts, or skirts. Non-uniform shorts or skirts must extend beyond the bottom of a student’s extended tips.

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