Our Mission & Vision

Vision for Learning:

  1. Distinctively Christian.
    First and foremost, Beacon is a school that acknowledges that Jesus Christ is Lord of all things. Jesus is Lord of the ten through-lines that suggest what it means to be a follower of Christ in every area of life. Jesus is at the centre of our weekly chapels and daily devotions. Christ-like principles and practices will guide our teaching, learning, and all relationships at school.
  2. Equipping. Engaging. Excelling.
    Beacon trains its students to be lights in today’s world, equipping our children with a high academic, excellent education. Fully aware that educational research proves time and again that a well-rounded program, rich in the arts, serves all students well, Beacon is committed to educating the whole child.
  3. A Community of Belonging.
    We recognize the diversity that exists amongst God’s children. We desire Beacon to be a school for all, realizing that each child that comes through our doors is a unique creation of the one true God – made in His image – regardless of ability, ethnic background, or socio-economic status.

Mission for Life:

Our Program is woven together by ten threads called Through-lines, which are Christ-centred fundamentals, establishing the foundation for our curriculum. These discipleship concepts guide the development of students as God is revealed to them in all things. Possessing qualities and characteristics of this nature will benefit our mission toward the restoration of creation, while answering the question, “How shall we now live?”

  • Community Builders
  • God Worshippers
  • Idol Discerners
  • Servant Workers
  • Order Discoverers
  • Beauty Creators
  • Creation Enjoyers
  • Justice Seekers
  • Earth Keepers
  • Image Reflectors

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